Welcome to Kyoto International Church!

We know searching for a Bible-believing, Evangelical, Spirit-filled church in a city like Kyoto can be a challenging process. We are an international Christian community where we together seek to reflect what His Kingdom should look like.

"There before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb"(Revelation 7:9) 

There are millions of people in this city who are earnestly searching for the truth that sets them free from the mystery of life and death. We believe that when believers are spiritually united and a local church joyfully team-works, regardless of enemy’s obstacles, it will become the most effective witness of His Kingdom for the seeking souls. We believe KIC is born for the purpose. 

KIC is a multi-national, interdenominational, creatively missional and bilingual church. We long to know Him and to make Him known among all the people around us especialy of people in this city.

We hope you will join us in the next Sunday worship!

Pastor Tomo Yamanaka

We have a different style worship each week. 各週、異なったスタイルで礼拝があります▼


Pastor Tomo Yamanaka

Born in 1971 in Kobe city, Hyogo. Grew up in a strict Bushido believing Samurai descendant family. In struggle of questioning about the inherited life values and world view, Tomo encountered Christianity. It was by an aged American missionary, late Miss. Mary Ellen Gudeman. (TEAM) It was not an instant conversion but a beginning of his journey for meaning and purpose of life.

In 1992, during a church discipleship training called Evangelism Explosion,  Tomo experienced a supernatural encountering of the Holy Spirit which resulted him the full assurance of his own salvation in Jesus Christ.

Tomo studied photojournalism, political science and finished his bachelor of science degree in Mission/Bible at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania, USA in 1996.  Later he finished his master degree at Alliance Theological Seminary in New York in 2001. Tomo's initial vision after his conversion was to go serve as a missionary in the Communist countries in eastern Europe and China but he acknowledged finally God's calling for him was to return Japan and share the gospel with his own people.

Since his return to Japan, Tomo served as a church planter and a pastor in four different prefectures (Nagano, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto). Out of his passion for the role and purpose of the local church, he has authored a book called "The Ship/Allegorical Ecclesiology" (Bungeisha & Duranno Publisher). 

He is also a board member of the drug rehab ministry, Teen Challenge Japan and the national director of Evangelism Explosion Japan. 

Kyoto International Church is the newest church started out in his ministry. KIC is gathering already every Sunday but it will be officially opened in the April 2nd of 2017.   

Pastor Takeshi Hattori


2011年に、山中牧師とEvangelism Explosion (EE)をとおして、福音を聞き、救いの確信を得る。






We have a different style worship each week.











5th Sunday 第五日曜

 - Special Worship 特別礼拝 -


 This service is a special praise and worship service or special testimony service.

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1st Sunday ​第一日曜

           - Evangelism Worship

                    福音伝道礼拝 -



            This service is specifically geared

            to first timers in the church!

3rd Sunday ​第三日曜

           - Standup Service

              スタンドアップ礼拝 -



            We standup together during worship.

            Communion is also held this week.

2nd Sunday ​第二日曜

           - Classic Service

             クラシック礼拝 -



            We worship using organ and

            piano. We also take the time to

            say the Lord's Prayer together.

4th Sunday ​第四日曜

           - All Nations Worship

          オールネーションズ礼拝 -



            This worship is by international

            students for international students