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Up coming events!イベント情報
Happy Baptism Lili!!  リリーの祝洗礼式!!
2018. 6. (Sat)
プログラム Program
  am 午前
 10:00 Testimony 証しの時間
 11:00 Baptism with Lili
 12:00 Leaving 出発
 13:00 Super Lunch "Omi beef"近江牛!! *What's "Omi beef" 近江牛って?
  pm 午後
 05:00 Free hugs フリーハグ around Kyoto station *2 What's "Free hugs" リーハグ? & more
 07:00 End.

バプテスマハウス / Baptism house
 住所:〒520-1601 滋賀県高島市今津町深清水3−5
 3-5 Imazuchō Fukashimizu Takashima-shi, Shiga-ken 520-1601
駅からの道のり / Direction from station
 JR「近江中庄」駅から徒歩15分(日本語 詳細)
 15 min By walik  JR"Omi nakasho"(English detail)
Omi beef?
What's "Omi beef" 近江牛って?
What's "Omi beef" 近江牛って?
 Omi beef (Omi-ushi) is a designation permitted when Japanese black beef of
 Japanese black cattle is the longest fattened in Shiga prefecture, and it is a
 designation that is also used for beef taken from that cow. History that remains as a historical fact as a beef
 cattle in Japan is the longest and is regarded as one of the three major wagyu cattle.
Restrant お店 (大人数での店内食が困難なため、現在 施策検討中です)
 道の駅 藤樹の里あどがわ
 Road station - Fujiku no Sato "Oda gawa"
Free hugs?
What's "Free hugs" フリーハグ?
What's "Free hugs" フリーハグ?
          フリーハグとは街頭で見知らぬ人々とハグ(抱擁) をして、
          The Free Hugs Campaign is a social movement involving individuals
          who offer hugs to strangers in public places.
           -- ウィキペディア引(日本語 From Wikipedia(英語--
ボード作りの日程 Schedule Of Making board
 6/2 (Sat) 2:00 ~ 3:15 pm(予定)
 Paste imitation paper on cardboard and make 10 boards with your thought!
 「一緒に作りたい」という方は 師館 までお越しください♪
 If you want to "make it together" please come to the Pastor's house 
フリーハグの会場 Lacation 6/9  5:00~6:00 pm 
 Team --1  八条口付近Map Link 
 Team --2 アバンティ前 Map Link 
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