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牧師   山中 知義

Thank you for visiting KIC website!

We are an international protestant church in Kyoto that desires to proclaim the good news of the gospel to all over this city and beyond.

For people who are far away from Christian values and those who have been in church for long time, our desire is to be a church that is doing everything possible to glorify God and change the world.

We believe in second chances (and third and fourth and so on…). We know we can start our lives over again. We are a church of imperfect people being honest and doing life together.

KIC is a new (started in Jan, 2017), warm, and welcoming church where everyone is invited, included and important! We believe there is a place for you here and that God has great things planned for you.

Take your time, make yourself at home, and we look forward to meeting you at KIC soon!

Pastor Tomo Yamanaka

Pastor Tomo's testimony.
How a son of an extreme nationalist, war-loving Samurai descendant came to know Jesus Christ as his savior.  

Venue Schedule 会場日程
Church office and parsonage 教会事務所
27-10 Nishihachiokacho Uzumasa, Ukyoku, Kyoto, 616-8163
Pastor TOMO's Phone# 080-5140-4341 (Japanese & English)  /  Email address: jesusbanzai@gmail.com